CAD-Based Solutions offers Product Visualization and Animation services

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2D art can include your company's logo, photographs of your product or any trademarked graphics. It can also include live video "talking head" sequences or any video you may already have of your product in action.

3D art might include conversion of your existing 2D CAD database, paper drawings or sketches of your product, and/or modeling of your products' future environment.

Level of detail requirements are kept in mind to avoid including features that won't be visible in the final renderings.





























The key to a video based presentation is the voiceover. Your message, be it marketing or technical is recorded by our contract voice professionals, or by a member of your staff, depending on the level of professionalism required.

Multilingual voice services are available in French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, male or female.

This voice track establishes the timing and sequencing of events as well as the overall length of your animation. It becomes the reference from which the animated scenes are constructed.




























Lighting, materials and effects add realism to your scene. Object color, texture, transparency, shadows, "slicing" or "fading away" outer parts to reveal inner workings, mirrored or reflective surfaces, and more can be used to accurately and convincingly tell the story.

Special effects include green screen compositing, video within an animation and animation inside live video. They can also include taking a camera into a vein, inside the housing of a turbine generator or inside the body to show the intricacies of a surgical procedure.


























Kinematics is the linking of parts of your product into a logical heirarchal simulation of the whole. Mechanisms can be simulated and demonstrated with unmatched visual clarity.

Timing and sequencing of events can be accomplished at any scale, to any level of desired accuracy. Often times, the sound track itself will directly dictate the timing of on-screen events.

Events can be displayed in real time, expanded (slow motion) or compressed (time lapse)
























At this stage, a complete, shape accurate, time-based simulation of your product or procedure is now captured and ready for rendering and post-processing.

Any stage of the procedure can be isolated and viewed from any angle, providing a level of clarity simply unobtainable via conventional methods.

This method of simulation bridges language barriers and provides a common reference point for discussion. In the early stages of development, it provides, quite literally, a "reality check" and often times is a catalyst for further refinement of the process or procedure.
























One possible use of the simulation is to create animated process tutorials for end users or production floor personnel.

Scenes can be played back interactively from an "intranet" station on the production floor, or rendered to VHS for training tapes.

Stills at any point of the procedure can be used as illustrations in training documentation.

All this can be developed in parallel with the actual product, since the physical presence of the finished product itself isn't necessary.























Promotional materials are easily generated from this same simulation database.

We can place your "yet to be developed" product in it's proposed environment by combining live photography and video elements with computer generated renderings.

Output methods can include any of the following:

Web or CD based video playback within a browser.
VHS or CD based "non-interactive" video.
Brochure art, posters or other printed materials
























Live or animated video elements can easily be incorporated into "browser based" user's manuals.

These are an ideal replacement for paper based manuals as they can be easily updated or linked to your corporate web site, if applicable. CBS can provide the art, animated or still, as well as Web authoring and publication services for your next project.