CAD-Based Solutions offers Computer Aided Verification and Inspection services

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  • CBS's CAV/CAI process utilizes photogrametry. In our case, this is a scanner composed of:
    • Computer
    • Camera
    • Light array
    • Datum targets
    • Lens pair (set)
The process is not intimidated by complexity of geometry.  The process is "light-based" so reflective parts are "dusted" prior to scanning. Imageware Surfacer/Verdict is used to process point clouds.


































Physical Model

  • First-Shot Plastics
  • Rapid Prototypes (SLA, SLS, LOM)
  • Short-Run Production Parts
  • "Out-of-the-Field" Parts
  • Comparison: Assembled-state vs. Free-state
  • Incoming Quality Control





























Point Cloud

  1. Scanning physical model yields point cloud
  2. Pre-processing: Point cloud data collection can be "tuned" up to 10e6 points.
  3. Post-processing: Data sparsing, Xsec, etc...
  4. Accuracy on order of .001" for 18" cube



























3D CAD Data

  1. Export 3D CAD Database
    • IGES Surfaces


























Surface Comparison

  1. Register/Assemble Point Cloud to Surfaces
    • Most difficult step in process!
  2. Run algorithms to measure deviation between point cloud and surface
    • Global/Local

























  1. Output fringe plots
    • Global/Local
  2. Output annotated document
    • Show sections
    • Notes
    • Diagnostics